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Luxury Houston Picnics

Houston Picnic Setup and Planning Services

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Welcome to Houston Picnic

Your One-Stop Destination for Luxury Houston Picnic Setups and Planning Services!


  • Luxury picnic experiences

  • Picnic rentals

  • Picnic set up services

  • Planning services for any occasion

  • Custom picnic designs and packages

  • Give a Picnic (gift cards)

Picnic Houston with Style

Houston is home of many great parks, which makes it the perfect place to have an outdoor picnic. Houston Picnic will take care of all the details for you and help plan your event. From romantic date night picnics to stylish picnic parties, we have everything you need for a memorable outdoor experience. Contact us today to get started.


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I was searching for a romantic picnic setup near me in Houston, and I am so glad that I found Houston Picnic. What a great date night experience.


If you’re looking to plan an event, a surprise, or just a loving gesture of kindness, Houston Picnic has got you covered!


I had no clue how to propose to my fiancé but I knew I wanted to make it special. When I spoke to Debra she only needed a few questions answered before she had the entire event planned out for me.


We’re going to be booking our baby shower soon enough!

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Absolutely worth every penny! If you’re wanting to celebrate a birthday, girls day or even a romantic picnic Deb’s got you covered! She pays attention to every detail and it shows in the set up and the food!

Picnic Houston With The Best Picnic Services

We are passionate about creating unforgettable picnic experiences for our clients. Whether it's a romantic date night picnic for two, a stylish picnic with friends, or a fancy engagement picnic we make your event unforgettable. 


With Houston Picnic you can have a picnic anywhere in the city and enjoy beautiful outdoor settings without worrying about the setup.​ From luxury teepee tents to romantic marry-me letters, we have everything you need to make your picnic unforgettable.


We understand that each picnic is unique, so we offer customized packages that cater to your specific needs.​ We work with some of the best parks in Houston to bring you the perfect picnic spot.


With our professional setup and decoration services, you can have a picnic that's both stylish and comfortable. And if you're not sure where to have a picnic in Houston, or how to picnic Houston, we can help you.


Book your Houston picnic today and let us take care of everything while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. 

Debra Hume


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